2010 Is A Year Of War

It is time to completely break the back of Leviathan. 2010 is a year of war. One will come up out of the midst of them. From the depths of the nation one has been waiting. One in whom the Spirit of the Living God dwells.  They will say, is it possible?  Can one such as this lead a nation to perform the will of the Lord? Does this one even look like a leader? They don’t look presidential. They aren’t tested. They aren’t even a politician.

But the Lord says I will raise them up. I will give them the Spirit of Understanding. I will give them discernment to root out and destroy. But there must come a clearing of the land, a cleaning of the land. It is polluted with great corruption. There will come a humbling, a taking away of powers, a defeating blow. A great humbling, Can a nation be humbled in one day? Can a ruler be changed in a day?

I will raise this country up again and it shall be transformed by My hand and My design. I will fashion and form it into My greatest desire and intent. An “a-ha” moment is in store. But a great humbling of pride and arrogance that has risen up to the heavens. There are embedded strongholds I see and they will be rooted out and the land cleared. I am pulling up tares and destroying their roots to rise no more.

2010-2020, a decade of much transformation. They even say now, “where is the America we once knew, it’s greatness has been stripped, its identity gone.” But I say the destiny of this nation and the mandated purpose has not begun to rise. For I will change hearts, some instantly, some gradual. I will put understanding within them to do the work ordained. Skilled laborers in all areas of culture. The influencers, the workers, the transformers, all with a heart for the work. There will be much joy, much contentment of heart, because hearts will be aligned with Mine. I am influencing hearts even now.

Do they not say a great giant has been awakened? That “giant” they refer to belongs to Me. Can I not conceal Myself however I wish? Can I not hide in the belly of a giant? Who is stirring the pot? Who is speaking in the ears of the giant? The pundits? Can I not conceal Myself and disguise My voice in whomever I desire? Even in the voice of man I am releasing My sound into the ears of the giant. A great stirring. I am concealed to the masses, yet concealed within the masses. Can I not be concealed even in patriotism? Am I not concealed in the Constitution?

I ask you this, what is hidden in socialism? Who is concealed in humanism? Who are the “progressives” and what is their agenda? Who is hidden in their motives? Are these not the concerns of the day? But that which is now hidden will be exposed for who it is. And in 2010 there will be a great rallying of forces. A great marching on the capital. A great fear and a great shaking. A great crumbling of false foundations. But herein lies endurance and perseverance.

Many will say, “I have never been forced to do this before, I didn’t know I had this in me, I have a strength that is not my own.” My concern is for the world, for every nation and their inhabitants. But I will deal with the leaders. And I have not chosen in this hour just one man or woman to lead. My heart is toward a people who would lead as one, with one heart, one purpose, to bring the nations into their pre-ordained potential under My Lordship. This is the season the earth is entering and indeed is engaged in even now.

Can you hear the sound of the army of the Lord gathering? A sophisticated, yet rag-tag; intelligent, yet uneducated; experienced, yet fresh; hardened, yet innocent group. My heart is toward them and in them.

Prophet Peggy Miller
Jubilee Kingdom Gathering
Jubilee International Ministries


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