Elders Of A City 1: Setting Things In Order

In the epistle to Titus, Paul asks for things to be set in order, and elders of the city to be appointed. Small communities around Des Moines where elders of a city are functioning can shift the state, and support a throne of Christ in the state capital.



00:08: The Spirit And The Word

Titus was sent to Krete to set things in order, to appoint elders of the city. This is the key to our whole state.

Paul is concerned with two things: truth and eternal life. From Spirit to Word, and from Word to Spirit. Truth is in the Word, eternal life is the experience. Unless there is experience, you are left with knowledge.

06:35: Set Things In Order

You are all my sons and daughters after the common faith. I left you here to lay a foundation, to manifest the preaching of the word, you have been appointed into this region for a purpose of God that far outweighs what we are imagining.

Set everything in order, your life, your house, things in this region, even things that still need to be done. See that no one is lacking anything. You all are elders of the city.

The rural areas have a great advantage over us in Des Moines. You still have some value of community which we are lacking in the capital. The rural areas have a good chance of shifting the state before the center does. Dutch Sheets said, the corners will give first and then the center will give way.

11:27 Building A Throne

A woman heard about Apostle Greg’s ministry in Fairfield, and prayed that God would send a king from the east. Dutch had said there will be a throne established in Fairfield. The woman had a vision that the king from the east would come, take up the scepter and build a throne in the city of Des Moines. All communities around Des Moines will be connected and form a sea of glass around the throne.

14:16: Stewards Of God

How can we help to be that model of elders in the city? We need to be stewards of God, speaking sound doctrine (Titus 2). Titus is a book about elders of the city.

22:04: Step Into Your Authority

There has to be a shift in authority. Jesus never said pray for anybody to be healed, he said go and heal the sick. We need to step into that authority. Pastors in Africa have faith to raise the dead if the Lord commands it. Walk into each situation knowing what to do.

The apostolic is required to steward the Kingdom. We have not seen real apostles yet, in authority and power, neither have we seen the Kingdom in authority and power. Let us build apostolic churches, and move forward with the people who want to go.



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