Elders Of A City 2: The Influence Of the Kingdom

The gospel has come to bring the message and influence of the Kingdom of God, and to bring everybody to a point of decision. People with a heart for their city are elders, even if they are not believers. They feel and extend the influence of the Kingdom.



00:04 Can Non-Believers Be Elders Of A City?

Yes, their heart is for the city. It can be a council man, a grandma, anyone who has an investment in that city. They may not be spiritual elders, but may play a role in implementing the spiritual groundwork.

The gospel has not come to convert everybody, but that everybody felt the influence of the Kingdom and be brought to a point of decision. We are trying to convert people who have not yet felt an influence; this is a fallacy. They cannot be converted. We need to baptize people into a corporate, eternal baptism, not just a temporal one.

03:24 The Message Of The Kingdom

In the outpouring in Acts, the influence of the Kingdom was felt by every nation of the world, they were all represented in Jerusalem. When an outpouring happens here, the influence of the Kingdom will be felt by everyone in government; they will even make decisions contrary to what they believe. That’s why this message has come.

08:37 Building Relationships With People Of Influence

Elders have pathways of influence. We need to build relationships, to show the benefits of the Kingdom. Jesus needs to present the Kingdom to the Father. It will take time to lay the foundation, but we will press forward.



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