A Changing Of The Guard

The Lord has shown me that March will be a month of decisions for the leaders of this state. This will be in the apostles and prophets be called to the forefront as leaders. For the Lord says, “It will be a changing of the guard”. He showed me a solar system being all in line from Mercury to Pluto and told me it was that significant. I perceive that the Lord has giving leaders this time to decide if they will step forward or shrink back. I also perceive that at the end of March will be the end of this season. The cry of people are great and God in His sovereignty will have to move from grace and mercy to judgment and leaders that will not align with God’s plan will be removed by His hand. I believe prayer, and the assignments that the Lord gives, will be key in the upcoming month. We all need to keep our groups focused in this season. Even though God is tarrying I see the word “Placement” over the army of God that is in the Spiritual and also in the natural realm.

Prophet Steven Walz


This word is interesting in the fact it was given not knowing of an attempt to gather a roundtable of prophetic and apostolic leaders for discussion within Iowa to be held the end of March. This planned meeting is now postponed due to several factors and decisions. It appears the Lord does desire these five fold leaders to start to take a greater leadership role and function. March is also significant in the fact that this is the beginning of the Jewish new year and is also the time of Passover coming. It is indeed a new season and the old season is finally going. In Passover there was a coming together and aligning with the new beginning God was giving. Israel was about to embark from a posture of sitting to movement. A coming out of past bondages and entering into the promise and a new land. It was the beginning that would lead to a leadership structure with Moses and the 70 elders to be put in place, and greater revelation given because leadership was in place.

The Lord has been speaking to me over the last few months, as I was surfing (really not much to view) briefly though Christian Television, and especially when Oral Roberts passed, that a season of changing the guard was upon us as the church. This word confirms that as well. We are also seeing many national governmental leaders being removed as well. I find it interesting that Mercury and Pluto are the planets listed. Mercury being the inner and smallest planet in our solar system that can only be viewed early morning and evening. Pluto is the 10th largest planet (now not consider a planet but a dwarf planet) in our solar system. In astrology Pluto is looked upon as the planet of death and transformation while mercury is looked upon as the planet of communication. Any alignment is significant but why planets. From a top view 2-d perspective planets aligned, look aligned. From a 3-d perspective they will not. Looks like the perspective of alignment is based on your position and which dimension you are standing in. As we put that into a spiritual perspective you get the point. It seems the smallest, to one of the largest is what is needing to align in this season. It also appears the insignificant to the most seen, first to last, and start to finish as Pluto is the 10th planet and 10 is the number of completion leading to new beginnings.

Greg Crawford


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