A Gentle Fire Of The Spirit

God is bringing a gentle fire by the Holy Spirit, to unify our hearts by His heart. A prophetic word given at Jubilee Kingdom Gathering.


Father God, I thank you that you have given us the invitation to align closer to your heart, Father God, I pray that there will be a yieldedness in each of our hearts, to your heart. I feel that your Holy Spirit is wanting to give each of us something today to come upon us. Even in the hidden place of each of us. And I proclaim right now, there is not one of us that is not worthy of what he is wanting to do today, not one. Because it is His choice and His decision. So I ask each of you to yield to the Holy Spirit right now. Do not look at your disqualification; for He qualifies you, He qualifies you. And it is more about the work He is going to do the ones around you through you, than it is about you.

His mercy is great, His lovingkindness is without end. And what He told me, He is bringing a gentle fire. That doesn’t mean we don’t embrace it with seriousness, a seriousness of even its holiness. But it is not the wilderness fire that we have all gone through at different times. This is a fire by the Holy Spirit that changes our heart to be like His heart that removes our desire for temporal things and puts in a desire for holy things, and eternal things. It is a fire that synchronizes our hearts as one heart. We do not unify by our heads, we unify by our hearts. And we are unified by His heart. So even now, we give you place, Holy Spirit, just to make that greater yieldedness in our hearts. A deeper place of surrender. Even as you are showing me – and I know a lot of it is personal, but it is even on our group to some extent – you are just showing the fatness we are in, but we have lost some of our diligence.

So we again purpose to come into the deeper place, to the next place that we have not gotten to yet. It is unique to each one of us, and each one of us is asked to step up and step in, but each one knows it looks different than every one around you. So you cannot compare your walk and your step to the one next to you. But you must step in by the Spirit of God into the step He is asking you to step. It will be according to the measure that you need, and are able to step. But do not look to the right or to the left, but look to your Father. And know that He displays great love in giving it to you.

But it is a serious and holy time, so do not fall into the religious things of obligation. But just be diligent, and faithful, and experience His love, but be willing to let go and rise up in the place, Lord, that each of us are asked to step into. For it is a divine moment even corporately, that you are putting upon us. It is key in our next transition, we don’t have to look to the outside for the next thing to do, for the work the Holy Spirit is doing, is inside.

In a moment of time everything can shift. So quit looking to the outside, and look to the inside. In a moment. I just feel the presence strong in the room, I want to be quite for a moment and just embrace.

The sending out is already coming. You do not need to know how, just be who you are.

We are going to tarry on Tuesday night for the commissioning. Not that we haven’t been commissioned in ways, but there is a commissioning that is unique to each of us that is coming in that time, if we will press for it. It’s unique, it is the fullness of things that have been even formed in these last months, and years, and months. God is wanting to shift a few things, and He has been shifting some stuff individual, but He is wanting to shift something in the corporate. Not in a natural way, but in a spiritual way. So, don’t be looking for a thing we are going to do, look for something in the heart that shifts.

For indeed the Holy Spirit is sweeping the land with power and might, and many hearts are being turned in this hour, for the breath of God is coming. Even as the winds, as the great winds of winter come, so does the spring come. And just even as we have seen so many flowers flowering, indeed hearts are flowering. And the gentle rains of spring are coming upon so many that you have put as unreachable, untouchable, you have given up on. But the rains have been coming, and coming and coming.

So, do not disdain those that you have looked upon in the past and have said “there is no hop,” for the hope is hidden inside their hearts. And you must once again pick up their hearts in your hearts. For if you pick up their hearts, you will pick up the region. Because no heart will seem too far, too distant, for my love to reach and penetrate through. I just see the word “limitless.” Limitless, what limit have you put on God? What have you said that He cannot do?


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