A Glory Not Seen Before

It’s a new day and a new dawn, a breaking forth of My glory. A glory not seen before in times past, but a glory that is for this set time. A glory that will exceed the glory of past moves of My Spirit, for this glory will contain a brilliance not contained in former glories placed upon the earth. This glory will exceed all expectations, for you are not able to imagine the thing I am placing upon the earth.

You have only seen shadows of it’s coming. But I, even I, will come to you in a way that is greater than in times of old. This glory will exceed former glories, for I am ever building, ever revealing, a greater understanding of My glory and the essences of who I am. Understand, as evil is allowed to rise, so will My glory. For My children, there can be no fear.

For those that only carry the shadow of, but not the life, they will be revealed. For a copy can not carry the glory, even as a picture is unable to carry the glory of a thing. It is a representation without the life flow. It lacks the essences of who I am. Those things that do not carry My life flow and My divine nature will become valueless. For this is the set time for My divine nature and life flow to be released.

It does not matter if you know the terminology. But it does matter that you know Me intimately and have set yourself apart as holy. Watch as I lift up the no names that I have prepared. And those that have made a name for themselves will be removed. For the false will be overthrown by what is about to come.

But it is only the first wave of what is coming in this set time. Prepare your hearts. I come quickly. Do not miss the time of your visitation. Now is the set time. Enter in to the fullness of My glory.

Steve Walz


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