A Kingdom Without Fences

Judy reports on a prophetic dream. The Kingdom of God is seen as a field of lovely, high, green grass, without fences. The old church model is seen as a large old church building. A brick addition contains a large brass figure of Jupiter on his throne. In his lap is a little boy within a cage made of armillary rings.


Members of the old church are trying to come and worship in the open field, but bring their old instruments and old ideas.

God is asking, are we going to allow any of the old structure in the new. Worship of Jupiter, the Christ child in the bondage of time, not eternity. We need to get into the eternal. From Babylon to the end of the Roman Empire is the worship of the line of Cain, of the temporal. It is not just about the church structure, but about our ways, even the way we worship. We need to change, walking with God. Not wanting to know times and seasons, unless God shows us.

Stay away from the fences. It is all about Him, not the discerning of spirits. In His Presence, there is no other spirit. We will have worship and a Kingdom without fences. Everything we need is provided in that open field, we do not have to pull from old wells. On Friday, we were warring for this.

Prophetic Dreams

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