A New Day And A New Dawn

A new day and a new dawn. A day that the brilliance of My glory will be seen. A day in which I will do many signs and wonders. A day in which the hearts of the people will once again be turned to me. I tell you there is a change in the winds. It can be smelled in the air as the dew of My Spirit is setting upon all flesh.

I am coming upon the hearts of men for the the hearts of men. I will come in power and might, and My lovingkindness will be known through out the earth. I am coming, My children, as never before. So look to the passed to see the pattern, but it will be greater and exceed all the things written of Me in times past. It is the fulfillment of all things written in the book called the Bible. It is the fulfillment of an age.

As we prepare for the new age that is coming, it is an exciting time in the spirit. An unleashing of things not seen before upon the earth. My children will become bold and strong, but the hearts of men will become troubled. For all things will be shaken so that the hearts of men can be revealed.

I tell you Haiti and the earthquake of Indonesia last year were only a taste of what is to come. So set your hearts toward Me and I will guide you through. Only by My Spirit will you know comfort and peace. There will be trouble, but I will shine strong in my people. Come close to Me and My hand will be upon you to direct and guide your path. Do not be troubled by the darkness. Know that greater power and authority is being released to you and greater faith to do exploits for Me is coming.

I am the great “I AM,” I see all as though it has already been. So trust in Me for no thing takes Me by surprise. No work of darkness is stronger than My Spirit. Indeed a Spirit of Understanding is being released and also a Spirit of Wisdom. They will continue to be released, but the measure will escalate in proportion to the need. Things will change in appearance, but do not be troubled, My Spirit will become much stronger upon My children and will fulfill their every need.

Prophet Steven Walz

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