A New Life In Christ

Condemnation has power only while we are resisting obedience. God Himself is calling us to approach His throne. Newness of life comes out of the experience of deep relationship with Christ. It is only the blood of the Lamb that brings life, man’s works are shedding man’s blood and bring forth death.


00:08 – Obedience Is Breaking The Power Of Sin

We know what things the Lord is asking us to lay down. Sin has power over us only as long as we refuse to be obedient.

01:57 – He Calls Us To Approach Him

In Psa 65:4 pronounces a blessing over those whom God is calling to approach His throne. This call has gone to all who have chosen Jesus Christ as Lord of their lives.

02:48 – Newness Of Life In Christ

We are beginning to live a new life as we continue in our personal walk with Christ, and see Him working in us. We realize that our old life was a field of death, and that our new life in Christ is a field of life. Nothing can take the place of our personal and intimate relationship with Christ.

06:05 – Life Flowing From The Blood Of The Lamb

Those who are doing works in their own strength are working iniquity (Mat 7:23). Works of man are built on the blood of man and bring death. Our works in Christ are built upon the blood of the Lamb, and bring life.



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