A Time To Switch Directions

It is a time to switch directions.  I am bringing a new thing upon the earth and I have only begun to open your eyes to it. But it is coming in power and might and things will not be as they have been in the past.  For it is a new thing that is being released.

Do not marvel as the old passes away for it will make way for the new and no longer will the ungodly take control of this nation.  For I say I am turning the reigns of this nation back to the godly.  And the reformers will shift what has seemed hopeless into what is hopeful.  I am bring a new season that has not been seen before, one of power and might, one of glory, one without boundaries.

For you are coming into what has not been before and I will cause this nation to come into the next chapter of it’s identity.  I tell you it is not the fall of this nation, but a new rise in this nation.  It will come from the grass roots.  For the people will become sick of what they have been drinking and will have a new desire for the fresh water that I provide.  You are the wells, the cisterns in which I  have stored this water.

Do not marvel that I am just about to, and all ready am, uncapping these wells for this time and season.  For it is the new wine of celebration that I am bringing together.  It is a time of jubilee and you will see it in the up coming months what I have stored away for this season. Be bold, proclaim what is stored inside of you.

For it is the fresh wine that will satisfy the souls of many.  I have saved the best for last.  It will be a time of celebration and drunkenness in My Spirit.  For being saturated in My Spirit surpasses anything that this world has to offer.  So take joy for it is a new day and a new dawn of all that is stored inside you.

Prophet Steve Walz

Jubilee Kingdom Gathering
J.I.M. Ministry Base
July 2009


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