A Whirlwind Of Fire: Jesus Is Purging His Floor

Jesus is now walking among His people. There is a call to repentance, as His fiery presence will burn everything that brings corruption. This is a prophetic message to Jubilee Kingdom Gathering for the year 2015.


01:42 True Prophets Are Formed In The Wilderness Mat 3:1

The voices of the prophets are speaking in this hour. The true prophets of God are formed in the wilderness. Their identity as holy messengers is formed in the heat of the wilderness. This is God’s wilderness, where Christ is formed in us. Song of Solomon 8:5. These are raised up by Christ under the apple tree, the covering of His love. The very word these prophets are speaking is drawing others into the presence of Christ. The word of God coming out of the wilderness is alive; the old is dead. 04:31 Prepare Your Hearts Mat 3:2 The Lord spoke to me: “I am walking now in the midst of the candlesticks.” This is His church (Rev 2). The head of authority is taking pre-eminence. Eyes of fire are peering in deep, penetrating the very souls of men. His feet of fine brass are leaving the burning furnace of His presence wherever He walks. The sevenfold sound of His voice is pouring down on every heart, putting something in motion and demanding a response (Psa 29). John says: Repent, prepare your heart for He is in your midst.

06:48 Sonship Is The New Wine Skin Mat 3:3-4

John knew his time and season, who he was. He was the forerunner of Christ; there are many today who are crying out: Prepare ye the way of the Lord. That is why the true prophets are now coming out of the wilderness. John’s dress and food represented his manner of life; the true prophets don’t bring a soft word. John and the new prophets are coming in the spirit of Elijah, turning the hearts of the fathers and of the children to each other. This is why we know that the new wineskin is sonship.

10:03 God Is Raising Up A Holy Remnant Mat 3:5-9

The ones who were changed were those willing to go down to the Jordan, to the place of humility. The Lord is telling us, today, there is a new washing and regeneration for those willing to go down to the place of humility. John called the unrepentant Pharisees a brood of vipers, as Jesus did in Mat 23. Still, there was always room for them to come to repentance. They came to John’s baptism, but did not go in. This also is the first woe spoken over them by Jesus. God is able to raise up children of Abraham from the stones. The Lord is raising up His remnant, also the your ones who will execute His word upon the earth. The fire of holiness is burning bright in them.

17:04 Understand The Hour Of Visitation Mat 3:10

Does the church today understand the hour of her visitation? God is calling us into a living relationship with Him, into the place of true conversion. When there is true repentance and good fruit out of it, this is the evidence of Christ living within us.

20:55 Judgment Begins In The House Of God Mat 3:11-12

The Lord spoke to me: “I shall move with lightning speed to bring my desires in.” Anything inconsistent with the Lord’s nature will be cut off. You cannot repent with words only; there must be fruit, the evidence of true repentance. Jesus will purge his floor and burn the chaff with fire. 2015 is the year the corporate man is formed; Jesus is truly forming that by His fire. His mercy is always there for the repentant, but His judgments will also be more severe because of the hardness of hearts. God is calling us into the depths of sonship, of holy community. Now is the time to go down into the Jordan, confessing sin. This is opening up 2015; this is how we open up what God wants to advance us in.


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