A Word For 2010

It is a new day and new dawn.  I am coming forth with force upon the nations.  I will no longer be passive in my interaction with man, but My Spirit is coming with force.  I will shake the very foundations of peoples hearts. They will be unable to resist what I will show them.  They will no longer be able to deny what I have put into their hearts.  For I come to shake the settledness, and the dull and deaf ears that they have put towards Me. 

Look for the uncommon, look to those things not seen, for I come with an unseen force that will shake the hearts of many.  I will change the hearts of many.  Get ready for the unexpected!  Get ready for those that would not listen, to ask you what you know and understand about Me.  It’s coming!  I will upset those walls that people have set in their hearts.  I will uproot those plans sown by the enemy.  And I will soften the heart of those, thought to be hard, and they will be open.

For it is a move of My Spirit and everything will change as you know it.  A new reliance on Me will come as people’s lives are now shaken.  As the ease is removed, and the comfortable lost, there will come a desperation for what is true and even for what is holy in a way not known to those in this nation. A need to rely on Me not just for the excess, but for your necessities.  And I will show Myself in power, with Mercy and Grace for those that will put their trust in Me.  I will become real to those that have not listened or trusted in Me it the past.  And I will bring a new reverence for My Name and for My Spirit, as I sweep over this nation.

For it is only the beginning of what I am about to do in this nation.  Many will fall and many will rise up in the upcoming days to the point that even in a year, things will not look the same.  For change is in the air and no thing will stop its coming.  The time is near and almost upon you.  So do not look to the left or the right for I will show you the path to walk. No longer look to your brother for the answer, but seek Me first.  I will provide for your needs and even your desires, but you must shake off that which is unprofitable to the Kingdom and pursue that which is Holy.

Prophet Steven Walz
Jubilee Kingdom Gathering
The Base Iowa


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