Ablaze With The Fire Of God

The month of March was seen in the Spirit as it looks on a calendar. It was ablaze with the fire of God. God says that for 31 days I will set this state ablaze with My fire. For some it will be a fire of cleansing and intense burning. Those who have been through the cleansing fire will receive the fire of My passion. But all flesh will pass through the fire. 31 days of fire burning across Iowa. The fire will form what is coming. Reshape in a more refined place.
Peggy Miller Prophet


Insights: Fire produces warmth, and also can go to the extreme of destruction. The difference is how it is managed and tended to. Is a controlled burn or is it not controlled. Of course the controller is the Holy Spirit, as it is His fire. Fire is used to purify and cleanse so new life can begin. Farmers sometimes burn entire fields to prepare for new seed to be deposited. The cleansing fire is what is required to remove impurities so that what remains can be pure. Fire does not have to mean something bad or negative, but also can represent extreme joy and pleasure. Our mindset is seemingly on the negative, perhaps since we have un-dealt with issues in our lives, we then dread the fire instead of embracing the warmth it can bring. Fire also represents an offering has been made properly. Fire is actually a sign of Gods approval as every offering placed received fire to signify the pleasure of God and the acceptance of God. This is Gods fire and we need to be careful to allow Him to start the blaze and not ourselves. We just need to put ourselves in the right place. What is always amazing is the same fire can produce different results but it is still the came fire. It is another commonality of the Lord to touch all so all will be participating. Since most have been through a cleansing fire, the promise in the word is the fire of passion! This is a great promise. Perhaps as the month unfolds we should ask people how are they doing in the fire, and see how Gods prophetic word, truly is true.

Greg Crawford, Apostle


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