All I ask is for someone to believe

All I ask is for someone to believe. It is a fine hour indeed and My heart is racing with excitement. Arise shine, for thy light is truly come, and My glory is risen upon thee. Darkness has covered the earth as though the very gates of hell have belched its contents. I have heard the cries of those who say there is no hope, we shall be swallowed with this darkness.

But have I not promised that the nations shall come to thy light, and kings to the brightness of thy rising? You shall see healings by the thousands, and deliverance on a grand scale. For the testimony of one will set one hundred free, and the testimony of ten will set a thousand free. Was it not said to Me, by a man who was searching, “speak the word only, and my servant shall be healed?”

2011 you will begin to see healings of bodies, of minds, the changing of natures; deliverance from addictions and besetting sins and spiritual wickedness of all sorts. There will be such a hunger for righteousness. Many will be set free and understand the new birth and new life, for I will give them understanding. They will demand truth in order to be set free.Lift up thine eyes round about, and see, they will come to thee, they will be gathered to thee.

Open your mouth and I will fill it with songs of deliverance. Show forth the praises of the Lord! Tell them of what great things the Lord has done! I will fill your testimony with resurrection power to bring to life what has been dead.Where is the remnant who will believe and speak of My glory? Who has been marked with My Name and the fullness thereof?  To you I say, for My Name and for the word of your testimony I will come. I will set captives free, for this is My body coming to Life upon the earth. Speak, for it is resurrection day!

I will restore those who are estranged and I will heal relationships, for My heart is toward the family. I have established the family, and man has no authority to redefine it. What I have ordained, I bless. My strength is in the family unit as I have found it. I desire reconciliation, for truly My Kingdom is modeled well in a Godly home.

Let not your hearts be troubled by what your eyes see in this world. Though the darkness is great, My glory is greater still. And My glory is risen upon you to overtake the darkness. I have prepared you for this hour. I desire to set hearts free this next year, to heal bodies and bring life. All I ask is for someone to believe. It is a fine hour indeed and My heart is racing with excitement.

Peggy Miller


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