America – Coming Into A Glorious Maturity

America, I believe God’s spoken Word over each of your grand and glorious Sovereign states, and over every Sovereign native tribal nation within this Holy boundary. I believe He does a sure work within each of these divinely set dominions. When His Word goes forth the work is done completely and perfectly. What is taking place is the alignment of each heart to what He has already spoken. Some arrows in to quiver are flying straight into the truth. Some arrows like the words but don’t trust that His bow is worthy to send them to the correct target, or maybe they would prefer a target other than where he has said they must go. Another group is too busy with eating and drinking, ever consuming all the good things He’s given but never full enough to return respect and honor to the Giver by stewardship of the land so it produces more for another generation after. The last bit just want to hide from Him completely.

This morning what I find amazing is – it doesn’t matter what these outward expressions look like to us. God has spoken. It is not possible for His Word to be null and void. Therefore, His Word IS coming to pass. Hearts are aligning to the truth. Trust is growing in the corporate bodies of each state. What was hidden away in fear is breaking loose and coming into the Light. What preferred disorder is coming into His divine order. His Word is not altered to fit the earth, but the earth is expanded and open to fit His Word, to nurture it lovingly and bring forth bountifully according to His good pleasure.

America, I trust the Word spoken in truth is doing its good and perfect work within each heart. I believe you are coming into a glorious maturity that you have not known before but which when fully operational will mightily magnify the Lord and not yourselves. I believe each state’s identity will produce unique fruits to be transported to all nations of the world; and I believe each native tribe will be fully named and recognized face and have voice at the council table, a confident guiding gladly received and willingly heeded.

America, your people love you but they cannot continue to live in your old ways where you sorta kinda acknowledge our Lord God. The children of this land want you to grow up and realize you have responsibilities at home and abroad, therefore you must welcome in greater measure this coming of the LORD. As a very good Father his heart is ever toward us, but His Word is firm and He does expect us to carry it out to its fullest. He will not relent because you’ve gone too soft in fact He’s actually taking you through exercises to make you the mighty warriors you need to be. If crying to Him that it is too hard is not getting much of a response, then let’s try doing what He says. It may not look so appealing at the get-go, but with practice we will gain skill and strength and arise into the maturity He seeks.

America, you will align, you will buff up, you will have a seeking heart for His holy face, you will come forth as fine gold refined in the fire, you will receive the fullness of His love and you will speak His Word to all nations once again. He said so.

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