An Authentic Journey Of Hunger

This journey may cause one to wonder if they have forgotten how to seek God. His ways are not our ways, for His ways are always eternal.

An Authentic Journey Of Hunger

When God builds hunger inside of us for Him, it is more the positioning of the heart that changes. The methods of Bible reading, prayer, tarrying and worship are always elements of seeking, that doesn’t change. But the heart that goes deeper changes. Deeper to soar higher. It requires a greater laying down of your life, greater death to self, and a greater yielding in to what is building in order to bring the greater enthroning of God upon the heart.

Therefore, the greater revelations of Father God comes to satisfy the dissatisfaction that He has built within. It feeds the hunger and thirst that seemed unquenchable. For it is Him that the heart longs for and it is his heart’s cry to be satisfied, and when he is satisfied, hunger and thirst are fed to full. The heart has not turned cold, rather, it has only gone on an authentic journey to seek for deeper revelations of his Beauty and Holiness. Has the hunger gone deep enough to be satisfied by Him alone?


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