Apostle Greg’s Prayer And Blessing Over JKG

This is the prayer and blessing that Apostle Greg spoke over Jubilee Kingdom Gathering on December 3, 2014.


Father, I just thank you God, for this group of sons and daughters that is so in my heart, that I long to be with them almost every week. And my heart still breaks because we had to be separated, but I know there is a work that each of us has to do. And God, I ask that you would just give them the strength to complete the things that are in their heart. Give them the wisdom of how to approach all of these things we talked about tonight. And God, let the grace come upon their lives and the spirit of understanding be released upon them. That Father, they would be of one heart and one purpose. One grace, oh God, and that peace would rule and reign in their hearts and that they would know that you have ordered their steps into your ways and paths.

Father, I just thank you for the anointings and giftings that are present upon all of them. Father, I just ask for a greater expression of it in the future, a greater freedom of it, Father. And God, I ask that you would take them into places that they have dreamed about going but haven’t went yet. Father, I ask that you would bring those of like faith out of this region and out of cities and bring them to this place, God, that they can gather strength, a greater oneness, God, a greater sphere of influence and Father, that they would just be one, that they could also train and equip and encourage along the way.

And God, I ask for just a revealing of your plan and your strategy in this hour, and the next step, and the next step and the next. And God, if you want to reveal many that is fine, but we need just one right now. We thank you for an empowering of the Holy Spirit to perform the things that you have put in our heart. And thank you for the sevenfold nature of Christ that rests upon us, and the seven graces that are sitting there within us. And God, we know that you have not called us to frustrate us, you have not called us to just sit here in this little building and just dream about things, or to discuss. God, you have put us here to influence this entire area. And so God, I just see that there is a great ability resting and a great enablement that you have given. A great depth of understanding that is coming, and a great accomplishment that will be seen.
And God, I just release those graces to come and to come forth, anointings to come forth and abilities to spring forth. And God, that there would just be a joy in the doing. That their hearts will be full of gladness. That confidence will come, and identity would be sure. And when it is all said and done that you could be glorified by what you have seen accomplished in each heart.

Father, it is about pleasing you, and it’s not about pleasing men or pleasing others around us, but Father, it is about pleasing you. And we want our hearts to be pleasing to you, God. And we want our lives to reflect you in all things that we do. And so I just bless, I bless you with a Father’s blessing to go forth into greater inheritance, to create a second inheritance, a far reaching inheritance, to create a model that others could grab hold of and see. To create something that’s not been seen. To draw upon that creative force of heaven to see it unlocked and to flow freely out of each life. So, Lord, I just thank you for this night, I just thank you for the privilege of coming here, God, as a father and as an apostle and just as a friend. Thank you for the privilege, God, of bringing each of these lives into my life, and the value they have added to my life as you have done so.

I thank you God, how you have used each life here to mold my life and shape my life and form me to be who you called me to be. So God, I just see our lives so interconnected even though there is distance. And I see our hearts as connected into the same purpose. And so God, with that purpose, with that same heart, I just release them into the work that sits before them, to set things in order and to find these elders of cities, and to do the work that is lying here before. And God, I just ask that courage would be their portion, that it would prevail over all opposition. And Father, that the desires of their heart would surely be met.

So Father, I just bless this group that gathers here in this place, even in the secret place, that it would be exposed even more. I bless their lives and I bless them God, and I say let grace and peace and mercy rest upon them. And perfect the things that is lacking in their faith, oh God, as only you can. But Father, when it’s done, bring them to a finishing into a completeness that can only be found in you. So Father, I just bless this people tonight God, and I release this blessing upon them. In Jesus’ name, amen.


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