Are You Truly Seeking Awakening

Are you truly seeking awakening, or are you seeking His hand, the manifestations of the Spirit, the signs and wonders. The greatest part of awakening is the awakened heart. And as our heart is awakened to the issues in our lives, and as they are revealed, the opportunity for change is given.

Only by these deeper dealings, produced by the fire of God, can one truly be awakened. The manifestations will draw us to the fire. But only by the fire are we truly awakened. So awakening is not so much about the manifestations, but seeking our heart to be the image of His heart.

Mixture is misalignment with His heart. So if we are holding on to mixture, we still haven’t decided if we want to be fully awakened. Are we satisfied with the small portion of God that we already have? Only the fully awakened heart will see and carry the divine nature, which is the image of God. Will you pay the greater price for awakening? Will you answer the call?


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