Arising Melchizedek

This is the Word the Lord gave me this morning:

The Lord is not judging this nation even though great wickedness is before Him.  But He has chosen mercy, and a remnant will arise with power and with might.  Mighty men of valor.  Those that will not flinch when the attack of the enemy comes, but even as Michael the archangel, they will take it full-on.

And the Spirit of the Lord will be on them even as on Samson.  Who will be able to resist such a thing upon the earth?  My martyrs will fall, but I will lift them into great glory.  Those that wish to step into eternity will pay a price for it, but it will be granted to them.

I am coming, My children, in ways not seen by men.  Evil will flee even as it had to before Jesus, for did not My Son say greater works than these will you do.  So with great power and might My Melchizedek priests will come to shake the earth/world.  They will confront and overrun evil.  Many will fall, but many will prevail and My kingdom will prevail.  My righteous reign in the earth established.  So go forth, My warriors, to the deeper things of My Spirit.  No longer hold back, but run, run, run with My Spirit on the course.  Fear not for I am with you.  No wickedness can prevail before you.  No plan of the enemy can succeed before you.  Rise up, My children, rise up, for the time is now to walk in a deeper mantling of My glory.

Prophet Steven Walz


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