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Later Recordings

12/03/2014 Greg Crawford Elders Of A City 4: Strategies
12/03/2014 Greg Crawford Elders Of A City 3: Recognizing Elders
12/03/2014 Greg Crawford Elders Of A City 2: The Influence Of The Kingdom
12/03/2014 Greg Crawford Elders Of A City 1: Setting Things In Order
11/19/2014 Steven A Team To Build A Larger Team
11/19/2014 Peggy Run Hard With God’s Vision
11/19/2014 Judy All Nations Will Worship
09/10/2014 Lonnie, Peggy The Great Expectation
08/17/2014 Angela, Judy On Dreams
08/17/2014 Judy Be Intentional in Publishing
08/17/2014 Judy Being Sent From God
08/17/2014 Peggy Gods Heart Is Open
08/17/2014 Steven New Words
08/17/2014 Steven This Is Awakening
08/03/2014 Steven Build A House For God
08/03/2014 Steven Prepare For The Harvest
07/20/2014 JKG On Spiritual Flow In A Meeting
07/20/2014 Steven, Judy Submission To The Apostolic
07/20/2014 Judy When The Presence Of God Returns
07/20/2014 Judy False Security
07/20/2014 Judy The Joy Of The Kingdom
07/20/2014 Lonnie Kingdom Invasion
07/13/2014 Peggy Getting The Full Counsel Of God
07/09/2014 Peggy We Surrender Our Hearts Anew
07/09/2014 Judy Training Teams
07/09/2014 Judy, Martha The Cry Of Our Hearts
07/06/2014 JKG Training Our Children To Connect With God
06/29/2014 JKG Witnesses
06/29/2014 Steven Kindle Afresh A Flame Inside
06/29/2014 JKG JKG City Destiny
06/29/2014 Angela Angelas Dream
06/29/2014 Steven False Doctrines
06/29/2014 JKG Comments on Stevens Doctrines of Men
06/29/2014 Lonnie Lonnies Testimony
06/29/2014 Judy Lonnies Testimony Judys Comment
06/29/2014 JKG Lonnies Testimony JKG Comments
06/29/2014 Lonnie Traditions Of Man
06/29/2014 Judy Stay Calmly Conscious Of Me Today
06/08/2014 Lonnie, JKG The Abundance Of God
06/08/2014 Peggy An Ancient Way Of God
06/08/2014 Judy Dont Speak Death
06/08/2014 Judy We Are A Kingdom Center
05/04/2014 Lonnie Proclamations 9
05/04/2014 Kai Proclamations 8
05/04/2014 Lonnie Proclamations 7
05/04/2014 Peggy Proclamations 6
05/04/2014 Judy Proclamations 5
05/04/2014 Judy Proclamations 4
05/04/2014 Peggy Proclamations 3
05/04/2014 Kai Proclamations 2
05/04/2014 Judy Proclamations 1
04/27/2014 Judy Ham Taking The Gates Of The City
04/27/2014 Judy Ham Freedom In Deed
04/25/2014 Judy Ham Breaking Off Old Drama
04/25/2014 Judy Ham Being Set In Your Course
04/20/2014 Steven Walz Resurrection Power
04/20/2014 Steven Walz Mary At The Tomb Of Jesus
04/20/2014 Peggy Miller Giving Affirmation
04/20/2014 Kai Druhl Be Still
04/13/2014 Judy Ham The White Linen Of Righteousness
04/06/2014 Steven Walz An Aroma Of Gods Presence
04/06/2014 Judy Ham Righteous Indignation
04/06/2014 Judy Ham Psalm 76 – When God Arises To Judgment
04/06/2014 Judy Ham Contend – God Is With You
03/30/2014 Judy Ham, JKG The Witness Of Spirit, Water And Blood
03/30/2014 Judy Ham, JKG The Cruelty Of The Spirits Opposing Us
03/30/2014 Judy Ham, JKG The Giving Heart Of God
03/30/2014 Judy Ham, JKG Establishing New Jerusalem As A Model
03/26/2014 Peggy Miller God Wants Full Committment
03/12/2014 Steven Walz False Fires
03/12/2014 Peggy Miller Total Sacrifice
03/09/2014 Peggy Miller National Repentance
03/09/2014 Kai Druhl Will You Endure
03/09/2014 Judy Ham Prayer for Vision
03/09/2014 Angela Fulton, Judy Ham The Walls of Our Nation
03/09/2014 JKG Holding the Tension
03/05/2014 Kai Druhl My Testimony
02/15/2014 Greg Crawford Breaking The Silence

Earlier Recordings

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