Date Speaker Title
12/04/16 Judy Jane Lead: Three Obstructions To The Kingdom Of God
10/02/16 Judy The Heart Of God For The People Of This State, This Nation And The World
09/25/16 Peggy The Power Of An Endless Life – Full Redemption In Christ
08/21/16 Judy From The Summit 1: Giving Answers For The Nations
08/21/16 Judy From The Summit 2: Restoring The Fullness Of Our Inheritance
06/19/16 Lonnie God’s Original Intent For Mankind
05/15/16 Peggy Prayer For The Full Manifestation Of Christ In His Body
05/22/16 Peggy Grace And Peace
05/15/16 Judy The Year Of Manifestation 1 – Bringing In The Light
05/15/16 Judy The Year Of Manifestation 2 – Reaching The Nations
05/01/16 JKG Kingdom Center Planning
04/17/2016 JKG Our Children Encountered God
04/13/2016 Peggy Mercy And Truth
04/10/2016 JKG A Great Chasm Is Coming 2
04/10/2016 JKG A Great Chasm Is Coming 1
04/03/2016 Judy Stewarding The Call
04/03/2016 JKG The Expression Of His Nature
04/03/2016 Peggy Touching Into Two Generations
03/27/2016 Judy The Blood Of Christ 2
03/27/2016 Judy The Blood Of Christ 1
03/20/2016 Judy We Are Building The Kingdom In Their Hearts
03/13/2016 JKG Discussion
03/13/2016 Judy Stewarding The Revelations Of God
03/13/2016 Judy Dividing The Holy From The Unholy
03/06/2016 Peggy The Parable Of The Two Sons / Weapons Of Our Warfare
02/28/2016 JKG Silencing The Tongue Of False Fire
02/28/2016 JKG Denouncing Man’s Structures
02/28/2016 JKG Attaining The Harvest
12/06/2015 JKG On Spiritual Warfare – Discussion After The Apostolic Council Meeting At The Base
05/03/2015 Judy The seven Eyes Of Christ
04/26/2015 Judy Our Reality In Christ
04/19/2015 JKG Wells Of The Spirit – Opening The Path
04/19/2015 JKG Wells Of The Spirit – Union With Christ
04/05/2015 Peggy Bringing In The Presence Of God
04/05/2015 Kai Lay Down Your Life With Joy
03/29/2015 JKG Declaration Of Dominion – Comments
03/29/2015 Judy Declaration Of Dominion
03/08/2015 Peggy There Are No Excuses In The War Of The Kingdom
03/08/2015 Kai What Is Spiritual Warfare?
02/18/2015 JKG Intercession (General Topics)
02/15/2015 Lonnie Faith And Works – Jesus Is The Author And Finisher
02/15/2015 Judy From Age Of Grace To Kingdom Age: Let Go Of The Good, Reach For The Better
02/11/2015 JKG Let Destinies Come Forth
02/08/2015 Peggy The Book Of Nehemiah – Courage To Fulfill The Assignment of Restoration
02/04/2015 Peggy The Heart Of God
02/04/2015 Peggy Prayer For Our Families
01/18/2015 Lonnie, Kai The Power Of A Holy Community
01/18/2015 Peggy The Spirit Of Understanding
01/18/2015 Peggy, Judy Sing Me As A Song
01/18/2015 Peggy Captured By His Presence
01/11/2015 Peggy God Is Doing A Deeper Work
01/11/2015 Peggy The Fasts That The Lord Requires
01/04/2015 Peggy A Whirlwind Of Fire: Jesus Is Purging His Floor
12/31/2014 JKG The Lord Is Rebuilding JKG – A Holy Community

Earlier Recordings

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