Awakening And Holiness – The Process Of Repentance

The core of awakening is being aware of His holiness and choosing to walk in His holiness. It is a process in which God will root out iniquitous thinking.

First is the revealing that there is a problem. Then you have to choose: I will let the Lord pull that thing out of my life, although I am not going to like part of that process. That’s the fire we have been talking about.

There is a connection with my dream about repentance, and Pastor Julie’s dream of the trees being cut off; God is pulling off those things that are not holy.

We are holding back awakening. It is here, but we are pushing back awakening. Everyone of us can carry a greater measure of His glory. Within us there is a mixture of the flesh and iniquitous thinking, something that you have to root out of your head. It is a rut, the way we do things. God will change them, at deeper and deeper levels.

Don’t think that this is to much, it will just take some time. Be committed to stay in the process. The only time people are taken out is when they step out of the process. God knows how much strength you need, and He will make up the difference.

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