Awakening Fires, Awakened Hearts

I have fanned the flames of many hearts. This year I will start to bring them together. You will see a joining together of those of one mindset, the unity of the faith. But it will be unified by My Spirit, By those lead by My Spirit. And My Spirit will gather. My Spirit will increase passion and zeal.

For it is by My Spirit that this awakening will come forth. Look no further than My Spirit for the answer. It is a season to gather, a season to give birth to what I have prepared you for. It is a season to come close to Me, for only by My Spirit will you catch the fresh breath you desire.

Train the reformers, for it is that time. Make adjustments necessary to relate to them, for they are a different breed of people, not satisfied with the cultural norm. They will need your help for transitioning into the awakening, help them to make sense of what I have put inside of them. You have been given the keys of the kingdom. Unlock there hearts and they will unlock a nation.

You have been given the assignment. If you fulfill it, it will be multiplied beyond your wildest expectations. For I have prepared many things, for I am a provisional God. Awakening is coming, but it still up to you to allow it to unfold in its fullness.

I send a fresh breath of My Spirit upon the land. I breath life into it.

Prophet Steven Walz


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