Awakening – Laying Down All

This is about awakening, not just a revival, which is just a fresh wave of God’s goodness. He is awakening us to a new level of understanding, and most important, function. See it is with great purpose that God is awakening our hearts. So that we would truly function as the church. Only then will we bring in a reformation to this nation. We know this timing is becoming more crucial, and our generation must set the next generation into motion. I believe they will be the ones that will exceed our efforts. But if we will not do our part, how can they fulfill their callings? We need to get kingdom focused, lay down our agendas, and our comforts. What will each of you truly sacrifice to save this nation?
Our forefathers had to decide to lay down all they had; financially, sometimes families, as well as their very lives. We are called to restore the church to His spotless bride. So that this nation can be spared the desolation and despair that is coming. Do not believe the lie that this is the end times when evil has its victory, and nothing can be done. For there is great hope, and we are following a victorious king. He will not fail us. The enemy’s plan to be victorious over this nation will be overthrown, by the very breath of God that created the earth. He will bring in His dominion and reign. But iniquitous thinking must be removed from our minds. Holiness must once again be established and be the hallmark of the church.


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