Awakening Requires Holiness

Awakening requires holiness, cutting off all reliance on the things of the world. Awakening is to see and remove our lack of alignment with God. There can be no mixture of the things of God with the things of the world.


We are not serious enough with our prayers. In the Book of Ezra is the story of the princes of Israel being married to strange wives, while the Lord wants to bring them back into His land. Today, the Lord is coming with His fire to look into our hearts. What is in there that is hindering awakening to come to Iowa? We must cut off all ties with the world, because it is about the children coming into the Kingdom.


Awakening is about bringing in holiness. Mixture has to come out, because that is awakening to the One who awakens us. It is identifying and removing our misalignment with God. We cannot let the accuser have a right to accuse.


If our heart is not prepared, God will not come. Who will take on the agony of God? That requires death to self; who is willing to pay that price. That is where the fear of the Lord is.


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