Be Baptized Into The Nature Of God

Those doing the will of God have been baptized into the name of Christ. They will walk in humility and leave no trail of their person in the fields of the coming harvest of souls.

00:08 – Go and Reap The Fields

The Lord is asking us to go and reap the fields.

01:19 – There Will Be No Trail Made By Man

Going through the fields, we will leave no trail. There will be no trail of man in the coming harvest.

02:35 – Know Christ – Be Baptized In His Name

Everything depends on our heart attitude, our relationship with Christ. The baptism into the name of Christ has purging of iniquity followed by preserving purity through the Holy Spirit. In Mat 7:13, Christ promises to lead us out of the broad way of the world.

Workers without baptism into His name can only work iniquity. He does not know them, has no part in their works (Mat 7:23). Christ reveals the same truth in the parable of the ten foolish virgins, who are failing to buy oil for their lamps.

This is a sobering thought and warning for those shepherds who fail to bring the people of God into relationship with Christ.


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