Be Bold

The Fire, the Wind, and the Oil. These three are mingling and becoming one, for you are coming into a place of My Divine Nature. And the three are one because they come from the same Source. A flood of My Spirit is about to be released and it will sweep this land, for many say there is no hope, which is the voice of the enemy. I say, this move of My Spirit will come to pass and is even passing in this moment. It cannot be stopped by the decisions of man. The remnant has already decided and you are now in the place of manifestation. Prepare yourselves for what is about to come, a Breath of My Spirit not breathed before.

The transition into a new age is about to begin, yet is complete, for it is by My Spirit. Come in deep to the place of Still Eternity which is similar, but not the same as My Divine Nature. I will point out the differences as you go further in depth into the pathways of My Spirit. Some new paths, some new treasures, but of the same Spirit. Trust in Me, for I am bringing in the arena of My Divine Nature and Still Eternity.

This will become what the Body will begin to seek, although they do not know it. Do not be discouraged by different wording, for My Spirit is writing it upon their hearts. It is not about giving knowledge, but instead, it will be about giving understanding of what I have put in their hearts. Be bold in what you proclaim and look not at their face. I will do the work from the inside and you will only be able to see glimpses of what is on the inside. The ‘knowing’ will increase and the reading of men’s faces will become less.

Be bold and confident in what I have given. Nothing missing, nothing lacking. Do not worry what place of the path I have you on. My Grace is sufficient and will cover any lack you have. The lack will be transparent to those you minister to and only My Divine Nature will be seen by their eyes. You have already been commissioned, you have already been told to go.

Prophet Steve Walz


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