Bringing His Presence Into The State

The Lord was speaking to me this week, and we had this word from Reverend Knock about the presence; and we need to really be pursuing that presence. And I was really right on course since we were talking at the beginning of this meeting: yes, the Lord has been speaking to me about that and about that and that. And I think you will see in my talk what will fit into that. But, we are really being challenged to be talking with the Lord and not just talking about the Lord. And one of the things the Lord the lord is speaking to us leaders is, we have not been really pressing into His Presence and valuing His Presence.

So, what He told me, the reason you are not drawing people is because you have not been pressing into my Presence, because that is the thing that is going to draw. When Apostle Greg came back from Ohio, the Lord spoke to me, that thing is coming back into fullness. Eric Rieder was saying, we have it in fullness, God didn’t give us part of it, he gave it to us all.

And so, it’s in us, but we haven’t learned to release it, or walk in it. The key to releasing it is holiness, and bringing in His Presence. And that’s where, a couple of weeks ago, I tried to explain His sustainable Presence, we can call it the glory. I am not sure how that all looks other than it’s it, being about us. Last night, I was just spending time with the Lord, He just had me in a prophetic song type vein. And He was instructing me and challenging me: about the most I see in the YouTube stuff and everything, the streams are usually 15 to 20 minutes long, that is the thing. And so, there is a real need to stay in that place longer.

So, that’s what we are going to be looking for, to. Not to just making it a bit lengthy, but staying in that quiet that long. In fact, that’s what my thing was last night. I don’t know exactly how long it was, like 30 minutes, and that was really challenging. He gave me this half way through, you know how that works, He is giving you the strength to continue. And what I found is, when I continued, suddenly I was in another vain, a deeper vein. And so, as we press into that holding the tension longer and deeper, we will find deeper veins that will come forth. And that’s what we are trying to bring forth.

And, as far as thinking to small and to big, we are talking about bringing His presence into the building. And He challenged me, you are just thinking I am so small, can’t you just command my presence to fill the state. What’s the difference? I am God. And so, really, I see that as the challenge. And we have go to start thinking, we are not just bringing His presence into this building, but we are bringing it into the state. And as we corporately do that as a corporate man, and as entities within the state, we are going to do that very thing, where His Presence is just going to invade the state and all the places He wanted to invade.

That’s the government of God, bringing God into a place where man is accosted by God. And it is so neat, because Apostle Greg was talking to me, he said, yeah, I was talking to this one guy, and this holiness thing just started growing up in our midst. And there was another guy by him, yes, he was getting it, to. So, it isn’t that we are going to change their mind through that spirit of knowledge, we are bringing that flow of life, that stream of life.

It’s a stream that we are just very much carrying. I believe the reason we have been taking as long as we have this summer is that we had to learn how to walk in that new stream. To get our legs and stability to walk in that stream. But we have got that now, and are really coming into a time – what I have seen of the things of God, September is usually that new month where a lot is released. And I see us being positioned for that new release, and we really need to be getting positioned.

So, we are going to make a diligent or intentive – deliberate, thank you – intention, we are going to spend a little more time, holding a longer tension in worship, and going deeper. We are going to spend more time in worship off in worship, but we are going to pull a greater tension in worship. And that requires each of us to do that.

Peggy: It is requiring us to unpack what we are carrying, and allowing it to move. That’s what’s coming.

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