Bringing The Joy Of The Kingdom Of God

Video and audio. The kingdom of God is bringing healing and restoration, peace and joy. This is our testimony, and we will share the gospel in joy.

Audio Track Joy Of The Kingdom

We need to pursue the eternal realm. We have been talking about the kingdom, but we have very little function in kingdom principles. We need to be active in kingdom principles of healing, restoration, to bring the joy of the kingdom. We have been very solemn.

The world is looking for active peace and joy. We are supposed to share the gospel in joy. It is a life walk. Invite people to a joyful meeting. Make a list of what people are released into. Bring sustaining peace and joy to people. Kingdom language is: life is becoming better and better. People have been misled by the world, their lives are not becoming better. But we have a testimony, our lives are becoming better and better. On earth as it is in heaven: what does it look like in heaven; we need to be well educated in what God is bringing into the earth.


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