Building The Corporate Man

Building a vessel for the coming harvest of young believers is a concrete ministry assignment for Jubilee Kingdom Gathering. It is also part of Christ Himself building a corporate man in this city and region.

00:09 – Christ Is The Perfect Builder

God always had leaders, builders on earth. All human builders were imperfect; the kingdom of God is perfect. God sent a perfect builder: Jesus Christ. Christ is the builder and the corner stone; he laid the foundation of apostles and prophets.

Eph 2:20-22.

There are two buildings being built. One building is the kingdom of God on earth. The other is a local congregation, here the church at Ephesus. Even an individual can be a temple, a habitation of God. If the temple of God is a local congregation, we call it a corporate man.

05:54 – Building A Vessel And Building The Body

God gave a commission to JKG to build a vessel for a large harvest of young ones. There a two building tasks for JKG:

One is to build JKG into the corporate man
The other is to build a container for the harvest.

The two tasks are related: To build the container we understand it as a part of building the corporate man. There is a difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament building tasks:

Old Testament: One human builder receives the whole plan.
New Testament: Each member of the corporate man receives a part of the plan.

It is God’s intention that the members of the Body of Christ work together, as do the members of a human body. The members of the Body of Christ work together in harmony as each is connected to the head, who is Christ.

11:51 – Five Offices – Gifts Of Christ To Build His Body

Eph 4:11-13

Christ gave 5 offices to equip the saints for ministry and to edify the Body of Christ. Again, the two works are connected. The saints are equipped and sent to minister, and at the same time they are fitted into the corporate body.

16:21 – The Corporate Man Rising To The Fullness Of Christ

In this way the corporate man will rise to the stature of the fullness of Christ. There is a second scripture witness to this. Rev 12 speaks about the Church giving birth to the corporate Christ man.

23:15 – Effectual Working Of The Corporate Man

The corporate man edifies, builds himself with Christ as the head. Thus, Christ is building the corporate man, and He is part of the corporate man. Christ is fully God and fully man, and as man, he is part of the corporate man.

The Holy Spirit describes the working of the corporate man in Eph 4:16:

1. The body is fitly joined together
2. He is held together by that which every joint supplies.

The joints are relationships between the members. They are based on our relationship to Christ. We are not relating to each other in the soul realm, but we are relating in Christ, to Christ in each other.

Working together under the direction of Christ, we can discern the God given elements in our individual visions, and relate them to see the complete vision. We may have added our own parts to the God- given elements, but now coming together in Christ, we can see the true vision of God.

3. According to the effectual working.

There has to be a tangible result, in our case it is a spiritual home for young believers. At the same time, this corporate body will edify itself. Christ is the builder of the concrete work of ministry and He is the builder of His corporate man.

30:12 – Submitting To Each Other In The Fear Of God

How do we yield to the working of Christ in us? The epistle to the Ephesians is not silent on this:

Eph 5:18-21

Being filled with the spirit, we grow in our relationship to Christ through worship and adoration. And submitting to Christ, we submit ourselves to each other in the fear of God, submitting ourselves to Christ in our brothers and sisters.

This is essential; we need to lay down our personal ambitions so that Christ can accomplish His work unhindered.


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