Captured By His Presence

The spirit of understanding brings us into the depths of the heart of God. This is true awakening.

Captured By His Presence – Complete Message


00:04 God Is Bringing Man Back Into The Simple Things Of God

There is a grace of God to be captured by his presence, to bring them back into the simple things of god. We have made God a common place thing. Go back into relationship with God. God is taking his people back to the simple basic truths. We will know by the spirit of understanding. We must enter into this grace.

04:25 Titus 3:1-4 The Kindness And Love Of God Our Savior

04:50 Titus 3:5-7 Justified By Grace We Are Made Heirs

By the washing of regeneration, we have been given a new life, so that we should be made heirs. Heirs receive inheritance by the right of sonship. Everything is given to us that the Father has given to the son. By the spirit of understanding we are coming into a new knowledge of what has been given to us. This is truly awakening. If we come into the depth of the heart of God, captured by His presence, we are living in the realm of heaven. Our lives should show the fruits of that. Here is the joy of the Lord. Mourning is gone; we are into the understanding of our perfect relationship with Him. That is the atmosphere of heaven that we walk in.



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