Pressing Into The Unknown: Prophetic Words

The waters of the Spirit need to go over our heads. God is asking us to step into the unknown, knowing that He will uphold our step. We are asked to testify of the supernatural events in our lives, so that others may come to know Him. [click to continue…]

Unlocking Our Destiny – Prophetic Words

Our individual destiny and the destiny of our cities and state are closely related. The walls separating us from our destiny are within, and they are in the Second Heaven. God is working in us to set us free and to bring awakening to the state. Walls are opportunities to move higher, they are no obstacles. [click to continue…]

Governing From The Throne Of God

A prophetic word delivered by Apostle Greg Crawford. We have been made in a place of authority and governing, and are called to govern from the throne of God over our places, states and the nation. The following is not a verbal transcript, but a collection of main points. [click to continue…]