Prophetic Dreams

The Future Is Now

Speak the words of Godin faith, as if they are coming to pass now, not in the future. The future is now; this is walking by the Spirit. To walk by sense and reason is death. A prophetic dream shared by Mark Kuntz at the Awakening Fires meeting in Des Moines on September 13, 2014.

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A Kingdom Without Fences

Judy reports on a prophetic dream. The Kingdom of God is seen as a field of lovely, high, green grass, without fences. The old church model is seen as a large old church building. A brick addition contains a large brass figure of Jupiter on his throne. In his lap is a little boy within a cage made of armillary rings. [click to continue…]

The Cry For Repentance

A dream illustrates the need for full repentance, which will be brought by the Holy Spirit. God Himself will divide between what is holy and what is unholy, what can come into His holy land and what cannot. We have to cry out to God, as Ezra did in biblical days. [click to continue…]

The Family Of God – They Are Coming In

Those who have been outside the Church, outside the family of God, are coming in. God’s heart is towards them, and He is drawing them. He will cut down trees of pride, which are hindering His work. Let us open our hearts, as His is open always. [click to continue…]

Prophetic Dream – Pandora In The Box

I was next to/yet across from a man (something Native-American about him) who had caught a Pandora and had put it into an oblong/rectangular wooden box with a hinged lid. I was not very thrilled to be in the area of such a creature, concerned it would get out of the box. He had carried it on the plane with him, and now he had set it on the table between us. [click to continue…]

Prophetic Dream – Willfullness

There was a woman sitting in a closet with the door opened. With her was a cat and a snake. I got the impression that the snake and the woman were inseperable. The snake was rather large in size and I particularly took note that it had a large triangular head. The woman had black hair and an animal-skin garment like a leopard. She never left the closet but exuted her influence from there. She let the cat out of the closet. [click to continue…]