Be Sober

A prophetic dream by David Kelly

It was 3 a.m. where I am on vacation. I was awakened by a dream about America and the coming days. What I saw,I pray, remains only in my dreams and never comes into our reality. I can not at this time speak of it. I am not a gloom speaker but I feel we, as the ecclesia, must rise and intercede for this nation in this critical hour as never before.

What we are facing is not physical in its roots, but it is after the spiritual roots of this nation. The remnant must rise now in this nation and not later. I bless this nation and what it was founded upon; may the finders of this day (searchers and pioneers) find what was founded by our Founders. I have great concern in my heart and feel we have become too distracted on a local level with offenses of descent among ourselves that is causing us not to see the bigger concern. The ecclesia has become so splintered and fractured by our own misgivings of one another that we have failed to see the regional, statewide, and national effect it’s having on us as a whole.

What we hate in our politics is the very thing we have tolerated and even cultivated in our churches and ministries. The bickering and side glances we give while wearing our smiles but yet unwilling to yield for the greater cause is what’s hindering at best or killing at worse the move of the Spirit. As we go, so goes the world. A lot of ice buckets are being seen in the news to bring awareness to a crippling disease that comes upon a healthy person in his/her prime, but even hidden behind the cure is the appetite to destroy life.

At the same time, ISIS is being heard and seen as well. I think we, the ecclesia, may need to allow this bucket of ISIS to be poured on us to sober us and bring awareness to the fact that we are being crippled because “The Head” is no longer able to communicate to “The Body” and slowly we are losing function. When we separate the body from the head, we lose function. When you keep separating the body from the head by not allowing the apostles and prophets to keep the body moving (because of our own small scale territorial positioning ), we are by default allowing the smaller enemy of FEAR and Intimidation to capture the headlines!!

That’s right, I said the smaller enemy of fear and intimidation. You see, that’s always the weapon of choice by the enemy but that’s not our biggest enemy. The biggest enemy we are facing, I believe, is ignorance and denial. Our nation is splintered because we are splintered. Our nation seems to be intoxicated by its loose laws because the church has been intoxicated by a drunken gospel that has started more church fights than anything else. “Be Sober”” is what I hear!!!

1 Peter 5:8…..Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil walks about like a roaring lion, seeking whom he may devour.

The arrogance and ignorance is crippling the body right now. What we face as a nation currently are serious matters and we need a sober ecclesia with an understanding of the times. I am calling on the true remnant to rise and be heard first in the heavens and second in the earth. We do not have the luxury of looking away or even being distracted by the pettiness of our local struggles for I feel they are only a shadow of a bigger image pressing in on our land. I leave you with “Living Word”.

Romans 10:3…..For they being ignorant of God’s righteousness, and seeking to establish their own righteousness, have not submitted to the righteousness of God.

Acts 17:30…..Truly, these times of ignorance God overlooked, but now commands all men everywhere to repent.

2 Cor. 2:8…..Therefore I urge you to reaffirm your love to him. 9 For to this end I also wrote, that I might put you to the test, whether you are obedient in all things. 10 Now whom you forgive anything, I also forgive. For if indeed I have forgiven anything, I have forgiven that one for your sakes in the presence of Christ, 11 lest Satan should take advantage of us; for we are not ignorant of his devices.

Now is the time for the apostles and prophets to connect the body and the Head back together, to RE-Member Christ. Its time to ascend and stop worrying about trying to get everyone on board. The remnant is ready to follow the direction. Enough sermons its time for strategy!! I am breaking the silent agreement with the “no strategy” that is in our governing agencies including the church that has been disconnected from the Kingdom!!

P.S. What I saw in my dream was the most alarming thing my eyes have ever seen. If you are a remnant voice, now is the time to intercede!! “Jacob’s troubles” trouble me!!

P.S.S By the way, I know we WIN but it may not come as easy as the western gospel has sometimes portrayed it.

David Kelly September 5. 2014

I Am Raising Up A Standard

I had an encounter with the Lord this afternoon (Friday, 8/22/14) as I got before Him in preparing to take communion. He immediately started speaking so clearly that I knew this needed to be written down. As He spoke the intensity of His passion with instruction and understanding seemed to just pour into me. I’m quite undone by it and just letting the words He spoke settle into my spirit.

I am raising up a standard in this hour as a banner to rally My remnant, even My radical remnant. Those that see shall be many, but those who rally with integrity of heart shall be few. For I say to you, I am looking for a few good men and women who will stay the course, not looking back or looking to the left or right for options. I am looking for those who will rally to My banner and declare, “There is no where else I would rather be. No One else I would ever follow. No King but King Jesus.”

These will be My Revolutionary Remnant who will hear My call, know My heart, and seek My face to receive My strategies of Revolution for this age.

My Revolutionary Remnant shall see My Kingdom purposes clearly and shall not be moved by the taunts of the enemy forces. These shall move with powerful resolve knowing they move out of the strategies of the councils of heaven.

These are those who are no longer chasing assignments, but are just obediently and confidently stepping into assignments.

My Revolutionary Remnant shall move quickly into position at My command as one because the sound of My voice is preeminent within those who rally to My banner.

Those who presume to be what they are not shall be quickly revealed as the fires of battle increase and the demands of this hour intensify. For that which is not integrous through and through wall falter in these days.

Secure your heart. Settle your soul.

Sanctify yourself fully in this hour for soon the activation of My Revolutionary Remnant shall begin in new ways.

[The following came as instructions for those who would see the banner and rally to it:]

* Inspect your heart and fortify your stand before Me.

* Inspect your alignments and assignments

* Secure and strengthen your relational covenants, know that your hearts are clear and your lines of communication are open and free.

* Review your assignments and remove any and all that I reveal so that your movement is unhindered by last season’s work.

* Pick up all that I have placed as assignments for you at this time. Do not shrink back or reject what I clearly have given by assignment for this hour.

* Trust those I have aligned you with to affirm and confirm the assignments of this hour. Move confidently yet without presumption.

* Expect and even anticipate additions and subtractions, multiplications and divisions in this season. For by necessity there are those that must be separated out in order to facilitate addition of others. Even divisions must come to multiply quickly into new arenas and new frontiers. Keep your heart pliable before Me to not resist or hinder what and how I will move in this hour to keep My Righteous Remnant moving in the power of My might.

* Understand that My Revolutionary Remnant is a Righteous Remnant forging ahead as Pioneers and Warriors, Strategists and Builders to prepare and open up the way for a move of My Spirit in the earth that is unprecedented in power and in scope.

My Righteous Revolutionary Remnant has within their very DNA what is needed, so look and be amazed for what I am prepared to launch in this hour many have yearned to see. . . and now is the time.

Rise up, Revolutionary Remnant, rally to My banner and carry the flames of My passion, My power, and My purity to awaken and transform nations to reflect My glory in the earth.

Jacquie Johnson Tyre via Greg Crawford August 23 2014

Keep This Apostolic Movement Pure

Oh Lord keep this apostolic movement pure! Do not let the western culture taint it with crowds that gather in conferences alone but let the apostles and prophets never forsake their assignments to fit into the commercialized and materialized meetings but may they stick to the mandate of “being sent”.

A grassroots movement is underway in the advancement of Kingdom purposes for America in the earth. Men may fade but God’s assignments for this nation remain. I feel the heart & spirit of our FOUNDING Fathers returning unto their sons & daughters. The enemy’s arrogance and self-confidence will once again bring his defeat and is no match for the humility of the apostolic company of “sent ones” that is FINDING what was found by our Founders!!! Selah!!

David Kelly August 31 2014

I Shall Make The Lesser The Greater

I am captured by an enormous breath of hope. I have seen great men and women come with their gifting so and insight so strong. I have seen them come I have seen them go! I have seen them come and come and come. I have said as prophet of old “surely this is Gods anointed”! Only to be humbled by His reply, I have not chosen him!! As they have come and stood before line after line gifting on top of gifting a head taller than all the rest, only to find out that God has chosen from among us whose appearance and gifting seem less but whose heart is more. I have heard the faint cry from a distance “the older shall serve the younger” “I shall make the lesser the greater” “I will make a people who were not my people my people” (Romans 9). He’s up to it again the “ole switch a roo”. The Jacob for Esau, the David for Saul the fisherman over the Pharisee the foolish for the wise!!! Oh a child shall lead them I hear Him say. I have seen many anointed and many appointed but not many humble. Something happens in the heart of man if the simplest of humility is not found in a person. Anointing and appointing seem to escalate a man’s flesh if there is flesh to be found. They find themselves magnifying themselves above the assignment given only to come to see after it’s too late that men fade but the assignments do not!! God will get this done even with those who were not His, He will make His. Are you His? Really His? The Remnant is rising!!!

David Kelly August 31 2014

Call For The Eagles

Stay tuned dear friends, the lower lying fowls of the air that has clouded and cluttered the minds of men by their chatter is about to be invaded from the Eagles that have soared above their noises!! With precision and vision they are coming into our atmosphere to break up the bewitching things that’s has shrouded the minds of men. I call for the eyes and wings I call for the eyes and wings!! I call for the prophets that see and the apostles that do!! I call for the eyes and wings to see and to carry us to what we have seen. Rest remnant, your cry has come up before Him.

David Kelly August 25 2014

Anoint A No Name

The Lord is about to anoint a no name among us or unknown to many of us, to bring down an adversary that’s been known by many. The mantle is passing, this is not about the well-known among men to do this thing but this is about a people that need freedom!! Rest remnant, your cry has come up before Him. Let this mantle be felt on the voice of one crying out!!!

David Kelly August 25 2014

Leaves Falling

David Kelly released a word that went like this. “there are leaves falling from the tree and we are all so busy trying to catch the leaves. What we don’t know is God is shaking the tree. We are so busy trying to catch the leaves we are missing the wind of God going through the branches above.” Leaves are what does not have life, and the removing of them causes new buds to come forth. This fits so many things we are doing and wasting time on. We are more concerned about trying to bring everyone along than the kingdom that is moving. Time to grab the wind and go for a ride instead!

Greg Crawford August 14 2014

Kingdom Encounters

We need an upgrade on what a Kingdom encounter is and should do to and for us. The standard of a Kingdom encounter should be noticeable after that moment. To many are having “out of bible experiences” which in turns brings no real change in this age. People that have encounters real encounters with Kingdom have a tendency to intimidate by their nature those that have not. The Standard many have set unconsciously is that it “felt good” at the moment. I have found that at times it does feel good at the moment but also that moment was to be strength for the moments ahead when it doesn’t feel good. What we normally do instead of walking out Kingdom in the moments after that encounter, we look for another moment to replace our last. Don’t forget this is not to be a “fading Glory”!!

David Kelly August 13 2014