Christ Is Healing Our Souls

Healing is needed for all aspects of our lives, individually and corporately. It has its basis in the healing of our relationship with Christ.

00:09 – The Full Range Of Healing
Scripture speaks about healing of the land, waters. Places that were once holy and are now overtaken by evil. Healing breaches between men, families, groups, nations. Healing backslidings. Healing is spiritual, it is not just a physical thing.

03:11 – Healing Our Relationship With Christ
The basic reason for lack of physical healing is lack of healing in my relationship with Christ. The basic disease is a disease of the soul. The soul has not yet connected with Christ.

06:30 – Know Christ In His Glory And In His Suffering
Christ is most concerned about seeking Him, knowing Him. Are we growing in the knowledge of Him as a person? The fear of the Lord is not dread, but awe of God. Do we want to know Him in His glory as Creator, and in His tears as He is walking our streets? Do we want to know Him as dwelling with us, dancing on the earth with us?



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