Come Into The Depths Of Worship – The Presence Of God

Worship is coming back into the church. There is no formula. God is expecting us, in our time individually with Him, to come into that place of praise, devotion and thanksgiving.

There are songs that need to be written, but we are not releasing them. How many times has God said to us release the song that is within you. Spontaneous singing is within every one of us.

In the 70s, we sang choruses that were within scripture. If we enter into His gates with thanksgiving and into his courts with praise, then the true worship will come forth, and get deeper and deeper. It must be happening daily. We are trying to find songs that will lead us, but they are already within us. The depth is coming out of us; it is not coming in from something outside.

The praise and worship from within us will lead us into His glory, His presence. Even the dance has to be spontaneous. We are coming into the joy of the Lord, this is our strength. It is timely; this is what God wants to release.


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