Consecrate Yourself

It starts with the breaking of a seal. And I have already broken the seal when the fiery sword of truth was released upon the state from the center going outward. And with APG’s declaration of freedom, it is now released into the nation.

My fiery sword will divide between the lies that have suppressed My church from all that My gift of salvation entails. I am coming in power and might and will not be delayed. The wind of My Spirit will up root the false foundations that have been established by the enemy. Look to Me as I reform the doctrines of  My church. They are simple and are all already contained in My word. Look to Me and not other men to set the course. My plan is already in motion. Be patient and pray and intercede even as I am interceding for My church.

Oh come, Oh bride, Oh come. Come in the fullness that I see. I wish to ornate you with My Glory. So prepare a place so My Glory can rest upon you. But it will take preparation, for the fire of My Glory that you are presently asking for will consume you in your present state. Consecrate your self and walk holy before Me. So the world will be able to see My Glory resting upon you.


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