Contend – God Is With You

God is with you, He will make up the difference of what you don’t have, lean into Him and press hard, because He is pressing hard right now.  Be intentional, be alive and alert, be pressing in, contend, contend, contend, don’t back off, keep contending, keep pressing.

This spirit wants us to go back to sleep, it wants us to go back to blindness, to gross darkness, and we just had to keep pressing, keep pressing.

There are those that are young in the faith, but they are turning to God, they want that Father’s heart, they want to be adopted into this Family, they want the Kingdom to come. And there is a place where we now, as the Ekklesia of God, must bring that for them. Because He has determined the time and season, and even now He has kings on their camels coming to look for the King. Even now, they are coming with their presents. And that means everything that is under their hand, just like Cornelius. They’ll bring their whole household in, they’ll bring all their business in, they’ll bring in all the education endeavors, all the seven mountains are being brought to the mountain of the Lord. Are we going to be such a mountain?

Because He has given us the ability to help people bring that full turning to the Father’s heart just as we turned, and we can bring them in fully. So, let’s not be slothful in this day and hour.


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