Declaration Of Dominion

A declaration of the dominion of Christ over the city and region, against the witchcraft rising during the lent season.




Declaration Of Dominion

We press for the inheritance yof our children and children’s children. The dark entity seems to be sent against those who have the ability to pass on a godly inheritance in the spirit. Hence I lift up apostles and prophets, and anyone truly pressing into this ability of God thru His people, to claim the whole earth for godly righteousness. We proclaim Your decree, O Great God of all heavens and all earth, this godly dominion is transferring to our seed right now and no unclean heart or unclean hands and feet will be able to thwart Your majestic work throughout Your entire dominion! Your great Sword takes off any head that thinks to devise a plan without You, Father! Your great Sickle cuts off any evil host that would rise up against the holy work being done in righteousness, peace, and joy in the Holy Ghost by Your people!

Entity of darkness, you are a grave robber and a monger of precious persons in the market places of the world where the Lord God would never have taken them! The Lord God Almighty rebuke you with His stormy breath, His thunder that causes your heart to tremble and your foundations to quake, His holy flame that burns your temporal fairness into eternal ruination. Holy God! This witchcraft must cease. We call out all eunuchs that serve this Jezebel/Delilah to throw her down from the wall in the name of Jesus Christ the Lord of this dominion! Serve the Living God with all of your heart, soul, mind, and strength! Come before His throne with thanksgiving in your heart, and offering your peace offerings unto Him alone!

We declare to all heavens, we proclaim throughout the realm of the Most High that this territory belonging to the Lord will not be used for any secret divinations without punishment from the Sword Wielder Himself. Holy God, for the sake of Your holy Seed and the sake of Your dwelling place with them, bring Your righteous indignation against this purveyor of darkness that chooses to violate Your borders by trespassing steps, and thinks to spew its blaspheming breath as a destroying wind against Your great trees, and shrubs, and grasses. Thank You, Lord of our hearts, for shielding Your holy Remnant throughout the earth. Thank You, for sustaining Life within those of us who have pushed our tap root deep into Your artisian well. Thank You, Lord Jesus, for roaring with us, amplifying our decrees and carrying our songs upon Your winds to the 4 corners of the earth. Thank You, Father, for sustaining Your kingdom against all kingdoms.

Amen! Let it be so Lord God Almighty and your Name be magnified! Bless the Lord and all His works in all places of His dominion!


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