Demonstrations Of The Kingdom

Peggy Miller: I shared something on Sunday, so I just want to go over it. The Lord spoke to me on Sunday, telling me that He is shifting us, in a lot of ways, we know that. He is shifting us individually and he is shifting us corporately, we are always shifting, you guys. But, this is shifting us governmentally, causing us, going to be causing us to be walking in His power, His dunamos. So, but He also told me He is bringing a new relevance into our lives, that old things are passing away, and all those things.So, that’s the second time He used the word relevance to me, being relevant, and I looked it up, that I would know exactly what it meant. And it means having a connection with the matter at hand, it means being pertinent, it means affording evidence, tending to prove or disprove the matter at hand or having sensible or logical connection with something, having a demonstratable bearing on the matter. So, the two things I think are really sticking out of that is the word demonstration and the word pertinent, and inside of being relevant.

I posted something on Facebook, and I think it was yesterday. I was just reading in Matthew, and I told you guys that I am skipping through the gospels again. But reading in Matthew again that morning, and just coming across this word:

And Jesus went about all Galilee, teaching in their synagogues, and preaching the gospel of the kingdom, and healing all manner of sickness and all manner of disease among the people. And his fame went throughout all Syria: and they brought unto him all sick people that were taken with divers diseases and torments, and those which were possessed with devils, and those which were lunatick, and those that had the palsy; and he healed them. And there followed him great multitudes of people.

The Lord said to me: it is those three things: you cannot separate the preaching and the teaching from the demonstrations, its three in one, not any more than you can separate the Trinity. You can’t say that I can live without this part of the Trinity. And the same thing is with the dynamics of the Kingdom, the preaching and the teaching and the demonstration. And what have we done, in our culture today, in the Church today, we have pretty much eliminated the demonstration, its been the teaching and the preaching. Those things we can live with, but its in the demonstrating that we are talking to some real issues.

When the prophets were prosecuted, it was the very breath of God that was persecuted. So, its when the breath of God comes, and when its demonstration in the power of the Holy Spirit comes, that’s when persecution comes. There is very little persecution over the preaching and the teaching, unless the preaching and the teaching is released through the breath, and it is releasing demonstration. So, that’s what I want to share with you.

The thing that is on Facebook, those of you who get these, and I recommend that we do that as a group, and we’ll see how we’ll be able to do that. But if you get Facebook, go to Apostle Greg’s postings. He posted it today, and its called Revival Hymn. Its not a song, its not a compilation of songs, it is a compilation of preaching from old time preachers. But its good to see it on the screen, because the recordings are sometimes a little weak, and therefore its good to see the words. For the words are there, when they are speaking. But I must tell you that it has really quickened something in me, and its really … ; maybe its just because its really where I am at, and it spoke to the place where I am at, and it propelled me into where God is shifting me.

I think this is where God is shifting us. But in the preaching, you guys, and I would love to go back and take some notes on some of the words that were spoken. And part of it is how humanism has come into the Church, and how we have actually grown with that. And of the end of listening to that, I am crying out: God, remove every speck of humanism that may even still remain in me, religiously. Because you’d be surprised how much the Church has carried humanism. And one of the guys actually showed how that shift began to come into the Church. And I would encourage you to listen to it, but you know, we know that we are fighting humanism this day. We are not just fighting it in the world, we are fighting it in the Church, fighting it within our own lives, getting rid of all this influence what humanism has brought into our own lives. The way we think of who God is. Now obviously the Spirit of God has been shifting us over the years, shifting us apostolically and prophetically and all these things, we have a grasp of what this Kingdom is.

But, even after watching that, I came away thinking, God, if there is a speck of humanism left in me, take it away that I might clearly see who You are. And that it would not cloud anything that I say, it would not cloud how I release the breath of God. In the days ahead, it will not cloud my spirit, my thinking, my perception of who You are. Because our perception is changing, you guys, there is going to be a huge shift in our perception, in this year. And these things are just coming. But I am here to tell you guys, get ready, because those three are going to synergize real soon, and you will be operating in the demonstration of it.

We need to be willing to step out. Its one thing to be releasing the breath of God, which we have been doing. And we have known that as we talked to people, we are all giving testimony of how people, it has something quickened in them, we’ve seen the breath of God. But there is coming a time, you guys, when these demonstrations that I have just read to you, are going to be common place, because there is about to be a big sweeping of people into the Kingdom. And its because God has gotten hold of their hearts, and it has changed them. Not so much what we have done, but I am telling you, are we ready to do whatever needs to be done when they do come in.

And not only that, but in the midst of the sweeping of the people into the Kingdom, that’s part of the “seven glories, four breaths” thing, that’s coming within the next four years, but these demonstrations. We just cannot separate them any more. The preaching and the teaching, Jesus taught in the synagogue, he preached the gospel of the Kingdom, that’s where our preaching has to shift to, it’s got to be the gospel of the Kingdom, and then the demonstrations of the Kingdom.

So, we are Kingdom people, we are not Church people, we are Kingdom people. God is seeing to making that shift in our lives, just in the last decade, so we are a Kingdom people. So, it’s the preaching of the gospel of the Kingdom and the demonstrations thereof, so we can’t separate. So, I am saying, and I am preaching to the choir here, but I am just telling you prophetically that that is what the Lord was saying, you will not be able to separate them. You know, we are going to have to demonstrate the Kingdom, ready or not, here it comes. If the Lord says “Lay hands on,” we lay hands on, and we do whatever it takes. We receive the word, you know, Jesus just spoke the word and the servant was healed.

Its those kind of things. Peter and John walked by, and Peter’s shadow, you know, “gold and silver have I none, but such as I have I give unto thee, in the name of Jesus Christ, rise up and walk.” And, you know, just those kind of things, it really is coming upon us. And, in fact, what do I want to use, what we can tell, whatever it takes.

Judy Ham: The Lord told me to tell all of you, look to the very thing that you are struggling in right now. That is the thing that you are going to be using in the months ahead. Because you are not fighting for yourself, you are fighting for masses of people. But you are gaining the victory for yourself, He is going to impart something with every victory we keep pressing for. So, press on for that victory.

Peggy Miller: And it says here: There followed Him great multitudes of people, and its just what Judy said. There are great multitudes of people crying for the victories that we get, and I agree with that very much.

Peggy Miller, 3-7-2012


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