Direction For The Next Season

Wow, I believe we experienced the Spirit of Understanding came into our meeting on Sunday, We had shared what the Lord had been showing each of us over the last couple weeks and also what transpired in the meeting on Saturday. I would say we almost had come to a lull in the meeting. In about 10 minutes of time all the things I am about to share were revealed and we all were in awe of what just transpired. I believe these understandings and strategies will give us what we will need to form a strategy to take the group at the meeting Saturday over the tipping point and release the breath that APG saw in his dream. Here are the points I had then. Judy and Peggy will also send something in an attempt to convey as much as possible to you.

We now see that all things in the Spirit are in alignment for this breath to be released. We are tarrying for the release of this thing. We are in a place of war and perplexity. The connection was made to the apostolic worship that I had a couple weeks about. The key release of this thing is going to be in the form of a new song that we believe God is going to release in Des Moinies in one of your Saturday night meetings and We believe we will all know in advance of the meeting that it is going to happen so we all at Jubilee will attend. This New Song will shift what we in the natural could not shift in these meetings. I sense that Maria should be asked to attend and if she would like us to released this new song in her building. I believe there is a significance to having it there.

With all that we believe that we are now in a season of warring for the release of this New Song that will shift everything for the release of God’s breath upon Iowa. We also see it as no small battle.

These are the thing God continued to speak to me about it through out the day. This is what we have been working toward over the last several years. We must step up our warfare for the final push. No matter what it takes and I mean that as in WE MUST. All of heaven is aligned for the greatest war in history as we know it. The stage is set and the players are set in place. We must not esteem lightly the position that God says we have in Him.

I wish I could convey to Wow of it and I can true say I now understand what Judy says I am in awe of God over this because no other words do describe it, even Holy buckets. Judy and Peggy will send additional stuff to complete the missing pieces. Judy had more on the New Song. and Peggy has received a burden for the connecting of the next generation.

And for Peggy the Lord says: “This will shift you from the prophetic call into the apostolic call on your life.”

I see, as Peggy said at the beginning of our meeting, obedience is key in this season. Since we went where we were sent it released God’s plan. I also see that that same rewards will come upon APG and Pastor Julie in the form of the Spirit of Wisdom and Give us the strategies needed for this final push. I see all the things that are not moving are connected to this thing.

Prophet Steve Walz


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