Discipling-Training To Walk In The Power Of The Holy Spirit

Many of the churches have picked up that discipling is key, The question is what will our disciples look like. To disciple is to replicate, so what are you replicating? Will the church leaders you replicate look just like you? What are you doing to bring them beyond the point that you leave off? Some will fall short as always, but God will give you a chosen few that will go beyond you if you will only let them. Will you trap them in your church structures? Or will you train them to be free in the Holy Spirit and to know the voice of the Lord for themselves.

Now realize that you in yourself can not raise up something greater than yourself. But you can create an environment in which God can! Our objectives should be to allow God to use us to build a stepping stone for the next generation. Who in turn will do the same for the following generation. This is how to establish a perpetual inheritance. I see these are the type of leaders that the Lord is looking for. Ones that will be a bridge for the next generation and allow them to cross over into their destiny and purpose. But who will hold back those that oppose liberty in the Spirit. Who will confront it when it is seen.

Will our disciples be able to discern the spirits? Will we be able to show them how to walk a holy life or will it just be talk. This generation of leaders must be ones that walk holy before the Lord. How will we be that bridge that will show them how to walk in true holiness. Not just eliminating hypocrisy in the church, but complacency also. Ones walking in a greater measure of the power of the Holy Spirit. Then we will be able to achieve true discipling. It is God’s desire, is it yours?

In the Lord

Steve Walz


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