Encouragement for Iowa

My heart in the heartland, My heart in the heartland. Release My heart in the heartland. I have said that I am building My house in this state. I will not abandon nor abort those plans. I will build with those whose hearts are willing. But My plans will go forward. My government will be established in this state by 2012. And when it is, wickedness will be chased out of this state. This is a holy state where righteousness and true justice will govern.

The eyes of the nation will be on Iowa, not because of the Presidential caucus, but because of the victories I will bring here. You must know what I have declared clean and what I have declared unclean. Do not judge by what you see nor by man’s standards. I will look upon the hearts of your leaders and it is I alone that can turn a heart.

Prophets and statesmen will work together. Prophets will be welcomed in the capital. Apostles will give counsel on governmental affairs. Iowa, you are building as it was in the days of Nehemiah. The Tobiahs and the Sanballots are here in this state to stop you at every turn, but they have no right, no memorial, and no portion and I have equipped you for that battle. I have decreed My house to be built and I have placed My mandate upon you with My grace to build. You are to set My pattern in the heart of the heartland that others will follow. My economy will influence the reformation coming into this state and the eternal shall be its foundation.

This year is the time for the stream of signs, wonders, and miracles to open up in this state to reveal My love and My glory and for hearts to be changed. Is it not even time for the church to come out of every religious bondage that holds them? Know with a certainty, that My grace will open up that stream. Move in the supernatural and watch how things will rapidly change this year in Iowa. Even though the battle heats up, nothing is too difficult for Me and I am for you, not against you.

This is My governmental state where My authority will rule. I am positioning that authority even now. For this authority is coming from fully consecrated lives. If Nehemiah could build and fulfill a mandate without My 7-fold Spirit, how much more can you accomplish with My 7-fold Spirit upon you?

Neh. 2:20 – “…the God of heaven, He will prosper us; therefore, we His servants will arise and build…”

Peggy Miller


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