Expand Your Vision

My beloved, come to Me and I will answer the deepest cries of your heart. For I am coming in Great Power and Glory into your lives. I am the Living God who answers the cries of My people. The question is, “who are My people?” I know Mine for My sheep know My voice. So hearken to My voice as I direct your path down the course I have chosen for you.

The building is coming, do not doubt, for I have predestined it, and I will effect a multitude. Yes, dream bigger, for you still need to expand your vision to encompass what I have chosen you to do as JKG and beyond. It is not a little thing I have for you. In fact, it is bigger than many of you dare ask for. Listen to My voice and I will show you the course to follow.

I am bringing a new thing into the earth, a thing of Greater Glory. So remove the man made shackles that are holding you back from what I have for you. I say it is bigger. I will expand your vision, your faith, and your trust in who I am. Trust and obey and see what I will do in your midst. I am coming, I am coming into your midst in a more tangible way, one that those around you will not be able to deny.

Who will be the one that stands for the Lord their God? Who will be the one that will fight and not give way to the enemy’s devises? Put on Strength, O Strong Arm of the Lord! Surely I am the God who is a Pillar of Fire by night and the Cloud that leads by day. By the way, have you noticed the clouds?

Prophet Steve Walz


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