Expect The Challenges

Even now there are events about to take place to try to shut down the move of My Spirit in lives of your nation. It shall bring some challenges; however, I am already mobilizing those who will be responsible for the breaking of the enemy’s works. And, this shall result in some anger from what he considers to be his troops.

That anger shall cause things to occur that will bring down the enemy’s reign.

I prepare and test. I AM… and I shall bring forth My Kingdom power as people call on My name.

Expect the challenges.

Pray about them, and

DECLARE what I say to declare, for My authority shall be evident and victorious as utterances go forth against the evil one.

Rejection shall come.

Ignore the enemy’s temptations to fight.

Use My responses as given to you to bring down his construct…. and see My triumph with joy.

Keep your eye single on Me.

Be neither distracted nor confused.

Walk with purpose what I say to do so.

Speak with assurance and power.

Rejoice when I say to do so, even though you may not yet have seen the victory in the natural.

Rejoice in Me and My ways .. always.

Be blessed, assured and in battle mode, for I am about to unleash some arrows to pierce the darkness and to take out those who are trying to hinder My plans.

I am not thwarted. My wisdom is very often contrary to what man figures should be done in a situation.

Jeanne Allen


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