Fairfield – A City Of God

I proclaim destiny over this city, not a destiny of many gods, but a destiny of following the Most High God. Not a destiny of knowing Him by our mind, but a destiny of knowing Him by our hearts, and a destiny of knowing Him by our spirit.



And I proclaim, Lord God that there will no longer be a hindrance between Your Spirit and Your sons and daughters. I say that these sons and daughters in this city will now begin to hear. And I say that river will flow. I say, nothing will hinder that river from flowing. And Your breath and Your word and Your touch will be felt and heard and seen by Your people.

I say, no longer will this be a city of blind, no longer will this be a city of death, and no longer will this city be a city of those who will not speak of Your glory, Lord God. For it will flow in abundance, a mighty river rushing, Lord God. I even see it now, a mighty river from heaven, rushing down, rushing down upon Your people, as a dew of heaven upon each child.

Your children have not been forgotten in that place that has been desolate and destitute, Lord God. For I say now it will flourish, Lord God, not as it has been, but as You have declared it. For Your Breath has come into the city, Your Breath, Your very Breath. And does not Your Breath bring forth life. So the death, the desolation is broken off, and is no longer, it is finished, as You said, it is finished.

And it no longer has power, because now Your power reigns. It has reigned for two thousand years, but I say, now Your sons and daughters will recognize it in its fullness, Lord God, in its fullness.

I say, let those channels be opened in Jesus’ name. I say let dreams and visions come forth. Let Your warring angels go forth to guard those channels. We just declare that those powers, those forces of the enemy that have been hindering, [that] their sources are cut off, in Jesus’ name.

I say we have shifted, the city is shifted, in Jesus name. Now it is up to us to proclaim that which God has done. To hold fast to the proclamations we have made, to hold fast to the truth. And not to what the enemy likes to put in our ears when he whispers.

Father God You are glorious, and we will declare Your glory, for there is none like You, there is none like You. There is none with such great lovingkindness, none with such a caring heart, such a caring heart as You, Father God. There is none, none that cares like our Father God.

And it will be known throughout the earth, I say, that our God reigns above other gods. He reigns, He is supreme. There is none like You, God, there is none like You.


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