Fellowship With The Lord – The Source Of Relationships Outside

This year, the Lord is taking us into a place of fellowship with Him that we have not yet experienced.

I was sitting with the Lord yesterday. I mean, I know you have these feelings as well at times, but to me, there was just an unsettling. I am settled, but yes there is that unsettling thing. and that’s OK, it’s all OK, it’s all the Holy Spirit, because the Holy Spirit either wants to speak, or driving at a point or whatever.

So, I just sat down, and I said, I just wrote in my journal, I said, that unsettling thing comes back around. And praise God it does, and your find yourselves, well thank you God for that unsettling, because you sure don’t want to settle into any kind of complacency. And sometime, when we get into those kind of places, don’t let your mind try to knock you off course, because that is what was happening, wants to happen. The enemy tries to knock us off course, when God is really actually going deeper. But, the unsettling thing that keeps coming back around, you know that thing that keeps me from settling into a place below my destined place. And so, I realize, this isn’t about our assignment, its not about any outward ministry, it’s about the source.

So, an apostle is one who can build the kingdom, as a prophet, one can see and hear, as a teacher teach and build disciples, as a pastor, one can shepherd the flock and as an evangelist, one can save the unbeliever, anointing can minister, authority can win the battle, faith can move mountains, gifts can edify the body, and thank God for all of theses things. that’s body life right there. That’s the body life, and that’s how the body needs to function.

And I said, thank God for the unsettling thing. And you know, the thing that keeps me from settling into a place below my destined place, that is intimacy with my Lord and with my Father. It keeps me unsettled when I live below the depth I am destined to live in. Always pursue when deep calls to deep. His presence keeps me unsettled until deep is satisfied by deep.

So, what I want to bring out in all of that is this: We’ve all been following the Lord and walking with the Lord for a lot of years. And it is easy to get into routines. We can keep or relationship with the Lord fresh every day. We go before the Lord, not like we are neglecting any time with Him. Hopefully we are not doing that. I am talking about our personal walk here, because it’s where the Lord was just bringing in that unsettling thing.

There is a place of intimacy that, as we are talking about fellowship here, there is a place of fellowship that the Lord is taking us this year that we have not yet experienced in him. I am just saying, that’s how unsettled I was. You know, I am not ever going to get into a place where, Oh Lord… We can get into the place where we are so satisfied with the Lord, but He has always got that wooing into the deeper depth. That is always there. There is times when you can go for quite a while, and not really necessarily feel that wooing. But you are in that place with him, it is not like it is being neglected.

But the Lord was just saying to me, you know. O gosh, you guys, forever we have been talking about the importance of building relationship and intimacy with God. but is this not what we are doing with people.

As we are out and about and are really encouraging the building of relationship, the Lord is saying, I want that relationship built much deeper. So, what I am saying is, the Holy Spirit is taking us into a deeper depth of fellowship and intimacy. And I find that exciting. That was the thing in me.

Judy: Because we see Him in that moment, we see Him in the moment. It’s deeper, it’s outside of the garden, its’ out in the dangerous places. Are we out among them, in the midst of them, so that they can see God in us. And if we are trying to hide ourselves, while we are out amongst people, we are actually denying Him being seen. We don’t se Him, because we stay fearful. Instead, its can we see Him and hear Him, and can we be so free with ourselves, and who we are, and our expression of Him that they see how safe and protected we are. And then they are invited to come out of their bondages, too.

Peggy: So, that’s the depth, because as we are out building these relationships, it’s just imperative. We have walked with the Lord a long time, but the other thing to, just to go along with that. I remembered something that JC spoke to me , and that has been a year ago that JC was at the base. But I just want to release this with us as well.

Even within your own heart, because you have trusted and lived the way you have lived, the Lord smiles, not because of what you did, but because of who you are. He likes you, he enjoys you. He loves your secret voice and your secret place. Don’t let go of that for he sake of anything else going on in ministry. Don’t let go of the simplicity of whispers in the secret place with your God. And I am just saying, let that go much deeper, because we are touching, going to be touching into multitudes.

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