For Our Families – A Turning In Hearts


Father God, we thank you for our families, each one of them, for the fullness of their lives to begin to open up in new fresh ways. Eyes that will peer into those scrolls and will prophecy. God, what you are releasing in this hour is your very heart, those scrolls that are being opened up, oh God. I thank you for what you are doing in our families each one of them, for our children, our grandchildren, our spouses. New things this year, Lord God, we prophecy new things and a depth of your presence and your life that they have not experienced before.

A turning in hearts we prophecy this year, a turning in hearts of our families. Let this be the year, where you have said, household salvation, and we call that forth, Lord God. That each one would come into the true place of their destiny and understanding of it and walking confidently in your destiny, because of their confidence in you, Lord. Eyes opened anew, ears opened anew, a revealing of new things. Things not considered before, things not thought of before, because there are so many things opening up this year, for people to peer into, prophecy and believe it in their heart, take it to heart, live it.

An opening, doors of utterance, doors into their hearts that have been so closed. So, they begin to open up this year, and you will give us opportunity to speak anew, speak anew, because there will be a new understanding. They will have a new understanding when it is spoken, Lord. And you will enlighten their eyes, oh God.

Intercession, Prophecy

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