Forsake Not This Season Of Humbling

New day and new dawn, old things have past away and new things have come. I bring a new day, one that will show My Glory and Might. My power is exceeding and My grace sufficient. I will bring a new thing up on the earth, one not seen by man. It will transform those that have been hardened by the world. But My flame, My fire will soften them as a flame melts silver and gold. I will refine them and I will mold them into what they should be. I am the potter, you are the clay. But will the clay hold it’s form after I have formed it. Only after the flame will it hold it’s form.

I bring a new thing upon the earth and My glory will be seen upon it. Do not look to the spectacular for I will be in the hidden, although it will be exposed for all men to see. I bring a new thing: Power,Glory, Splendor,and Wonders, all these things you will see. But will you still desire the voice or My hand. Can you hold the tension of walking in power and continuing in being lowly in heart? How long before I will have to humble you after I start? For I wish to portray great glory upon you, but will the weight cause you to crumble? I wish to give you all, but not to the point of demise. So do not forsake this season of humbling, for it will give you strength to carry what I am about to release. If you think the weight of battle has made you faint and weary. The Glory can make you drunk and careless.

So count the cost and know your position, for the time you desire is coming upon you. Prepare for the little foxes that spoil the vine and the hidden pitfalls of pride that will undermined your foundations. It is a serious thing. Set your position, your compass now, for later it will be to late. Hold fast to what I have told you. I have promised a new thing and it will not be shut up in the womb, but the man child will be released upon the earth.

Prophet Steven Walz


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