Full Salvation I

Full salvation includes forgiveness of sins and union with Christ. Only through the power of Christ can you fulfill God’s plan for your life.



True repentance is understanding full salvation, it is knowing the living word. The first part of the journey is coming into full repentance, truly ask for forgiveness. Coming into full union with God, through the blood of Christ.

It begins with Gods intentions for your life, part of your identity. Coming truly into these things starts with full salvation. Only through the blood of Christ can you truly overcome. In union with Christ you receive the fullness of salvation, you come into full relationship with God, not just head knowledge. What Adam had in the garden, we can have now. Without holiness, nobody will see God. This is a basic doctrine of the Church, forgiveness of sins and coming into union with Christ. That is between you and God, it comes through a deep haert searching, by the holy spirit. Then, through him, you can conquer everything ahead of you, by the power of Christ. The joy comes through him. He wants to speak into your life. Allow the Holy Spirit to search you hearts and bring you into that place of full repentance.


God has a plan for your life, it becomes clear through the salvation experience. Many people are completely lost. Once you are hearing form God, He is lining things up. You may have problems, but they are easier to deal with. God will help you.


This is an exhortation to consistency, hold fast to what God is giving.


Everybody wants peace and rest. Joy is the icing on the cake; as you get into place of peace and rest, joy comes. Testing will always comes, and you will become stronger and stronger. Storms of life will never end, but you will be in that eternal place, we hook into the attributes of God, not to our feelings and circumstances.


Everything is about your relationship with God. He will become a very dear friend, He cares more about you than you care about yourself. Out of that comes the joy.


Sometimes only God has the answer, there is no other answer. You have to find that trust in God.


People may walk around in circles, they are looking for an opening out. The Lord will show you, He will show you the open door. Be persistent.


Pro 16.9 A mans heart devises his way, but God directs his steps. The plan of your life has been written in heaven before you were born. God put your desires into your heart. You have the ability to make a plan of your life. He will show you the steps in this journey

Isa 26.6 The foot shall tread it down, the feet of the poor and the steps of the needy.

Until now, you have been trodden down. The Lord will take you out from under the heavy foot of man.

Jer 10.23 O Lord, I know that the way of man is not in him. It is not in man to direct his steps. O lord correct me, but with judgment. Not in thine anger, lest you bring me to nothing. Pour out they fury upon the heathen that don’t know you.

The Lord wants to be the one in your life to help you take these steps. You will be able to judge yourselves, how your own steps have been futile. Turn from you own wicked ways and come toward him and face Him, and let him talk to you.

Will you turn with your whole heart? Do you want a whole live of value?

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